What Are You Doing, Dave?

I just updated the 4Suite Repository Ontology (as an OWL instance). Specifically, I added appropriate documentation for most of the major components and added rdfs:subPropertyOf/rdfs:subClass/rdfs:seeAlso relationships with appropriate / related vocabularies (WordNet/Foaf/Dublin Core/Wikipedia). In addition, where appropriate, I've added links to 4suite literature (currently scattered between IBM Developer Works articles/tutorials and Uche's Akara sections).

There are some benefits:

  • This can serve as a framework for documenting the 4Suite repository (to augment the very sparse documentation that does exist)
  • Provide a formal model for the underlying RDF Graph that 'drives' the repository

This latter benefit might not be so obvious, but imagine being able to provide rules that cause implications identifying certain repository containers as RSS channels (and their child Xml documents / Rdf document as the corresponding RSS items) and associating Foaf metadata with repository users.

Some of the more powerful hooks to the System RDF graph (which the above ontology is a model of) - such as the starting/stopping of servers (currently triggered by the fchema:server.running property on fchema:server instances), purging of resources marked as temporary (by the fchema:time_to_live property), and triggering of an XSLT transform (by the fchema:run_on_strobe property) - can be further augmented by other associations in the graph, resulting in an almost 'sentient' content/application server. A little far-fetched?

[Uche Ogbuji]

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