Wizard worries

"Just because..."—Sean McGrath

Just because everyone can now create an XML schema because of all the easy to use GUI tools, doesn't mean that everyone should create XML schemas.

Yes indeed. This has been a growing problem for quite a while now as people give over their XML tasks to bottled genies. As I concluded in "The worry about program wizards":

In the end, there is no substitute for programmer expertise and experience. Wizards do have their place, but it seems that their occasional convenience should not form a backbone consideration for the development of any technology. In particular, it is dangerous to lead developments in XML and Web services with a significant purpose of reviving the great age of wizards.

Sean again:

I can use AutoCAD but I wouldn't dream of designing a house because I don't know enough about houses or building or any of that stuff.

Very well put, as usual.

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