Word to the Third

No gas face here, gee. Via Hans Nowak I learn that one of my favorite groups back in the day now has a fan site that does them some justice. 3rd Bass were always fun to listen to, what with their humor, and the killer hands they always had on the wheels and boards (The Bomb Squad, Prince Paul, and of course posse members Sam Sever and Daddy Rich). The endless obsession with Vanilla Ice wore a bit thin at times, but that's a minor glitch in an otherwise stellar career. Too bad they couldn't hold it all together for a few more albums.

Now all someone has to do is come up with a deserving site for the Poor Righteous Teachers, and I think I'll be all set for my favorites from that period (others such as Public Enemy and BDP are already well represented on the 'net).

Note: see also Hans' pointer to the history of sampling.

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