XML recursive directory listing, part 4

"Its hard to finish; or that Pythons tail's a long way away!", by Dave Pawson

Well, I posted Dave's dirlist.py as a little example, in part, of how quickly an XML expert/Python newbie could get something useful whipped up in 4Suite. Based on the very detail-oriented comments, it seems people in general have found it useful, and have run into limitations from the Python newbie side of that equation. Another example of people taking the code very seriously is Lars Trieloff's posting, "Your filesystem is an XML document"

As I mentioned in the posting, I have not put Dave's code through proper code review: I merely tweaked the command line code a bit to get it to work on my Linux box well enough for me to post an example of its workings. Dave has taken it all a bit to heart, but he shouldn't. He got very far in a short amount of time, and it's always the case in learning any new language or platform that the last 10% of polish is very hard won, and yet worth the experience.

I'm passing on all the comments to the other posting to Dave, and he's already sent me an updated version that fixes some issues. I'll post his version if he wishes, but I'll also give his code a proper, full review this weekend, and post that, for the folks who seem to want to use the code practically. The first thing I'll do it to make it conform to PEP 8.

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