XSLT for converting from OPML to XBEL and XOXO

In all this Web feed hacking I've been working with my list originally exported from Lektora in OPML format. I wrote XSLT to convert from OPML to XBEL and XOXO. In the case of XOXO I really couldn't figure out any common conventions for Web feeds so I made up my own for now. The resulting XBEL looks a lot easier to work with, so I'm propose extensions for feed URL / site URL coupling in the renewal of XBEL. I figured my XSLT might be useful to others, so here are the links:

Going from XBEL to OPML, I've been using Dan MacTough's XSLT. (He also has an XBEL to XHTML transform). I sometimes have to tweak the resulting attributes to deal with xmlUrl/url and title/text type OPML madness.

I've also posted my Web feed list in XBEL form. It uses old school XBEL 1.0, and not any of the metadata additions I'm hoping to see in 1.2. As such, it's only a list of Web feeds and doesn't include the corresponding Weblog home pages.

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Coincidentally I mailed  the microformats list asking about feedlists in XOXO last week. M'fraid I'd forgotten your earlier post (I'll pass on a link to this page though, anything that might encourage some kind of convention of this has to be a good thing).

Current state of play over there is at:

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Welcome to the multi-syndicatino formats party! Its amazing how we can so easily loose track of XML 101 with the RSS hoopla.

See my Blog (via its Web 1.0 interface) to get my drift. Also play around with the Search, Linkblog, and Summary pages.

In the New Year we should organize some live RDF demos across our DataSpaces (what used to be our Web Sites, then Blogs, but clearly more, hence the "DataSpace" moniker).