500 Web feed readers, and none dead on

I started out using straw for reading Web feeds. I found it a bit cumbersome in terms of death by keystroke, having to tap through each entry in each feed. I figured there had to be a better way. Narval (whatever happened to Narval, anyways?) was combining news sources into a virtual newspaper five years ago. I found something the like in Lektora. I quickly found an assortment of annoyances, and I now use a combo of Straw and Lektora. I see that Lektora still barely supports Linux (they have an October 13th release for Windows, June 7th for Mac and the same old March 18th for Linux that I downloaded earlier this year), so it's time to move on.

Parand Tony Darugar suggested Bloglines, and I had a look. In UI, it's just like Lektora, but implemented over the Web rather than as a browser extension. I think it would be perfect except that the over-the-Web functionality makes it rather slow. I've read of a lot of folks who started on Bloglines jumped for Firefox's Sage extension. I'd tried it before and found it to be just Straw in the Web browser, and when I checked again, it's still just that. I'd rather not go back to death by keystroke or mouse click. OK, to be fair, Sage is much less clicky than Straw. It's actually quite clever in how it lays out all the entries for each feed. I just wish it could do that for groups of feeds rather than individual ones.

So it looks as if I'm headed for Bloglines, but first of all I'd like to throw out a lazy-Web check for any other suggestions. I'm up for any browser-based or Linux tool. I'm willing to pay (within reason) for a really solid tool. I prefer the newspaper-like format (if you couldn't tell), where I can just group my Web feeds and then open each group together and mostly just have to scroll down to read all updated entries in that group. I have scrolled through the bewildering array in the RSS Compendium and tried some of them, but the ones I tried didn't really impress me.

Any ideas, friends? TIA.

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