Expat 2.0 (featured in 4Suite CVS)

Expat 2.0 has made it to the world, after a long incubation. Expat is, of course, the very popular XML parser in C originally developed by James Clark. The first I learned of this development was an announcement by Jeremy Kloth. His announcement also mentioned that current 4Suite CVS includes Expat 2.0, and that it's probably the first outside project to do so. In fact, the most recent 4Suite beta release included an Expat CVS snapshot that was for all practical purposes 2.0.

This is a very important milestone as it will allow Expat development to move on to more innovative pastures. And of course it adds the essential—support for AmigaOS (I'm going to get hate mail from my Amiga booster friends from college).

[Uche Ogbuji]

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