Compositional Evaluation of W3C SPARQL Algebra via Reduce/Map

[by Chimezie Ogbuji]

Committed to svn

<CIA-16> chimezie * r1132 rdflib/sparql/ ( bison/ bison/ Full implementation of the W3C SPARQL Algebra. This should provide coverage for the full SPARQL grammar (including all combinations of GRAPH). Includes unit testing and has been run against the old DAWG testsuite.

Tested against older DAWG testsuite. Implemented using functional programming idioms: fold (reduce) / unfold (map)

Does that suggest parallelizable execution?

reduce(lambda left,right: ReduceToAlgebra(left,right),{ .. triple patterns .. } => expression

expression -> sparql-p -> solution mappings

GRAPH ?var / <.. URI ..> support as well.

The only things outstanding (besides the new modifiers and non-SELECT query forms), really, are:

  • a pluggable extension mechanism
  • support for an exploratory protocol
  • a way for Fuxi to implement entailment.
  • other nice-to-haves..

.. Looking forward to XTech 2007 and Semantic Technology Conference '07

Chimezie Ogbuji

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