Thinking XML #31 pubbed

Thinking XML: Schema standardization for top-down semantic transparency

Subtitle: The state of the art in XML modeling includes reusing models designed by others

Synopsis: This installment continues the review of the many different approaches to semantic transparency, discussing what they mean to the developer using XML. One way to save resources on a long journey is to hitchhike. In XML, you can take advantage of countless open schema initiatives that, in effect, use schema standardization for top-down semantic transparency. But it's not all a free ride. In this article, Uche Ogbuji looks at the advantages and disadvantages of third-party schema reuse. He also takes a moment to discuss The Semantic Technology Conference 2005, and respond to some recent discussion on the difficulty of modeling people's names.

This is a continuation of Thinking XML: State of the art in XML modeling ("What do developers need to know about the various approaches to semantic transparency?"). One more to go in this sub-series, though I'm a bit worried I may not be able to squeeze all my ranged thoughts on semanitc anchors into one coherent article. We'll see. After that, back to the fun hacking, on Python + WordNet.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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