Sketch notes on pulling data from Libhub pages

My company's recent Libhub grand experiment is all about making library catalog information available and harvestable by for machines. The primary machines we have in mind are the search engine Web crawlers who have become the all-powerful arbiters of who can find what on the Web. But that doesn't mean others don't get in on the fun. Anyone with a yen to hack can pull linked data to their hearts content from Libhub pages. Here are a few notes to maybe get folks started.

First of all, you can preview the embedded linked data by using a tool such as the handy Green Turtle Google Chrome extension. Here is a screenshot based on the page for my book, Ndewo, Colorado.

You can pull this RDFa with your favorite tool. In the example snippet below I used rdflib in Python to show an n3 representation (similar to RDF Turtle) of the data embedded in the page.